Tips to help keep you on track as you prepare for your move

1. Send All Documents to Lender. Ensure your lender has all the necessary documents to process the mortgage. ***Very important in order to close on time.  

2. Schedule Your Move. Whether you hire a moving company or rent a moving truck, it’s best to schedule this as soon as possible. You don’t need the added stress of not being able to find a mover or rental truck last minute.  

  • Please note - you are legally expected to be out of your current residence before 6pm on day of closing. If you are moving on closing day, arrange to have the truck loaded in the morning so once the closing is official, you are ready to leave. To facilitate a smooth moving process, and as a courtesy to the new buyers, we ask that you are ready to go as soon as the funds have been transferred and the keys are available. This way there is no overlap with buyers and sellers moving in/out. Please leave the house in “clean” condition for the new owners. 

3. Transfer Utilities into your name for your new home. If you are changing municipalities, you may be required to set up a new account. (See the last 2 pages of your Buyer/Seller package for links to Utility Providers and Change of Address Checklist).

  • Garbage & Recycling Information
  • Cancel or Transfer your Alarm Monitoring. 
  • Property Tax Tip - The lawyer will set up the new account when the title has been changed and make any necessary adjustments for pre-paid amounts. 

4. Set-Up/Transfer Home Insurance for your new home.  Tip - If you use the same provider as your car insurance you should receive a ‘bundle’ discount. This must be done before signing with the lawyer, as they will require a copy of the home insurance. 

5. Notification of Address Change. Use the Checklist provided to you with your Buyer or Seller Package (second last page of package) detailing companies to contact with respect to your new Address Change. I.e. Canada Post, Driver's License, Health Cards, Car Insurance, etc.  

6. Packing Tip. Label Your Boxes so the movers know which rooms to deliver them. Pack a "Moving Essentials bag" separately in your car so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle.  Don't forget toilet paper. [Symbol]  

7. Meet with Lawyer for Final Signing.
The lawyer should be arranging to meet with you the week before closing to sign the final documents. Confirm a time in advance in case you need to take time off work for the meeting. Ensure someone is available for the key pick-up on closing day. Typically the closing occurs between 2-5 pm (this is when you will receive the keys).

Day of Closing to-dos For Buyers

1. Check Appliances & Systems.
 Please check the following to ensure everything is working and not damaged: appliances, furnace, a/c (don’t turn on during winter), any chattels included with the home, and the house in general. Please contact me no later than the morning after closing to report any issues. The Sellers are responsible for these items up to day of closing only. If they break the day after closing and onward the Sellers are no longer responsible, so it is critical that any issues are reported immediately. 

2. Arrange to have your Lock Changed Immediately. 
Pop-a-Lock is a great locksmith service that saves you $$$ as the actual lock is replaced without having to replace the hardware for the entire door. Let them know I sent you and receive a discount. The best way to ensure that no uninvited individuals have a key to your home is to change the locks. 


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